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What our customers are saying

I highly recommend Imagine Yoga and Wellness!

Robynn put together a Nutrition Plan for our guys, which they have been following for 9 months - Derek has lost weight - wonderful!

Derek has enjoyed Yoga 1-2 x per month. He has also participated in the Weekly Step Challenge group and took part in his second 5 km Walk, "Move Your Paws" at the Zoo - they have a lot of fun as well as pursuing healthy activities.

Robynn is so dedicated to our community and does a wonderful job, she has such a positive outlook - it glows - and has even extended to myself!

Keep up the good work Robynn.

Lindsay Stevenson  

What our customers are saying

Robynn you were fantastic. You were able to settle the campers and I can attest to the fact that they were able to demonstrate "lions breath" to their parents on Friday. I would welcome your participation with any camp. You are a pro with a perspective that includes everyBODY.


Joe MIllage - Chair - Parasport Ontario

What our customers are saying

I'm amazed how impactful the combination of Robynn's voice and the music are and how the two can bring me to a place of peace.

What that "place" is for me: a perfect feeling where the mind kind of switches off, where bad things convert into good things and I think of people I haven't seen in awhile. The meditation practise brings me to a different zone; a very comfortable and peaceful zone.

The Christmas holidays tend to be a challenging time for me and regurgitating Robynn's words and visualizations to myself helped get me through that difficult time.

How Robynn can come in and start the meditation with the participants and the varying special needs and disabilities and grab their attention like she does... they just listen to her and get captivated by the practise. They become quiet and peaceful. They tune into her. They just love it.

I am so thankful. I will remember what she have taught me forever!

Colleen - Community Living Toronto Staff

What our customers are saying

My daughter Kris has enjoyed the Step Challenge and Yoga that she has been participating in with Imagine Yoga & Wellness Inc. She joined the Step Challenge last spring and enjoyed training and working towards completing a 5K walk. Kris is very proud of her accomplishment and is looking forward to completing another 5K. I personally like the fitness being added to her life. The fact that the group walks indoors and outdoors and has a healthy dinner is a great example of how important healthy lifestyles are for everyone. Kris’s walking pace has greatly improved with being part of the program. Kris has also enjoyed participating in Yoga with Imagine Yoga & Wellness. She has enjoyed being a part of a yoga group and is benefiting from the stretching and breathing practices she is learning. She is quite proud of the yoga moves she has learned. I think it is a win win for her to be a part of a group led by very empowering staff.

Lynne Fiset 

What our customers are saying

Since attending my first class I was hooked. I was your classic naysayer before that class but left that class feeling refreshed and relaxed (was necessary with the snow storm I had to drive home through). Robynn runs fantastic classes for all people and skills and you will not find a better person in this world who is more passionate about what she loves. Highly recommend.

Jordan N

Jenny the marathon walker! Jenny started the step challenge when it started about a year ago. She needed some exercise and walking is a nice way to start moving. Since she started she has increased her physical ability to walk and it has helped her breathing and stamina. Last summer she did her first 5 km walk at the zoo. She was so proud of herself for finishing and the crew at the zoo were amazing at cheering everyone on.

Jenny enjoys meeting the group for dinner and chatter and then challenging one another for walking around the track in the winter and outdoors when the weather gets better. She talks about nutrition and eating properly, so an added bonus to learn to eat healthy.

It is a great program, and I would highly recommend it.

Bonnie Heath 

Having Imagine yoga & wellness was an extremely successful and inclusive program here at shadow lake. Being a camp with a wide range of individuals, it was fantastic to have an activity that adapted and enhanced yoga in a way that our campers of all abilities were able to participate. Whether they were experts or it was their first time doing yoga, all of our campers participating were able to gain something positive from the session! Thanks again for bringing your expertise to camp.

Jamie Wallace - Senior Camp Coordinator - Shadow Lake Centre

We can’t thank you enough for this innovative program that Enrica is enrolled in.

It provides much needed exercise, social opportunities and the therapeutic benefits of yoga. It has helped her mobility and body awareness.

She is allowed choice in selecting the dance music and she enjoys every aspect of the program, so much so that she starts looking forward to the next session as soon as they’re done.

Robynn is an experienced leader who has that magical, respectful quality that engages Enrica and for sure, all of her clients with additional needs.

Judith  Andrenacci

When setting out to identify our school's well-being goal, we wanted to think about how we could provide students the opportunity to receive extracurricular activities that would support their mental, emotional and physical well-being, which they are not able to access outside of school. By partnering with Imagine Yogam it not only provided our students the opportunity, but has also provided our staff and students with the tools to self-regulate emotions, such as stress, anxiety and anger. Our students are understanding the importance of their breath and self-care time within their daily lives, which are skills that they can take with them into their adult lives; we are garnering them with the tools to support a healthier lifestyle even when they enter the workforce because yoga is not about flexibility, it's a way to regulate life's challenges throughout the day in a positive way. Working with Julie and Robynn has been amazing! They have become a part of our school family and our staff and students warmly greet Robynn and look forward to their yoga sessions. Staff have used yoga strategies and have increased mindfulness time as a result of having Imagine Yoga in our school. 

Tracy - Toronto District School Board